A. hand power clean 

3x4 sets building 

B. halting clean pull

3x3 sets


1000m row

75 double unders

50 hspu

75 double unders

1000m row 

Bob Appleby

Skill: kipping/butterfly scapulas pull ups 

6-8 x4 sets

Hand stand walks/holds: 5 min 

Conditioning: 5 rounds

200m run 

8 strict pull ups 

12 burpees

16 V ups 

Bob Appleby


A: 8 min amrap 

5 s20 95/65

10 double unders

10/20, 15/30, 20/40, 25/50…

B. 4 rounds

1000m row

1 min rest

Bob Appleby


Clean Complex x 5 sets 

1 clean + 1 halting low hang clean 

Front Squat 

3x3 (one weight)

Accessory Work

Alternate 4 rounds

partial ROM  deadlifts x8

kneeling kb/plate halos x

Bob Appleby

For Time

With a Partner split up the reps anyway you’d like

50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

100 Medball Squat Cleans 20/14# ball

1000m Sled Drag (4x45/2x45+1x25) On top of Sled - May use both partner at the same time to drag sled

100 Wall Balls 20/14#, 10’ Target

50 Toes to bar



Sorensen Hold (GHD Hip Extension Hold)

30s On/ 30s Off

x 5 Roudns

Mandy Drummond

Olympic Weightlifting

Snatch Balance

2 Reps x 5 sets

*Work Heavier than last week


Snatch High Pull

3 reps x 4 sets

pause at knee on way up

Working at 90-100% of Max Snatch


C1. Single Arm DB Press: 10/side x 3 sets

C2. Single Arm DB High Pull: 10/side x 3 sets

C3. Seated Cuban Rotations: 8 Reps x 3 sets

* Use same weight for high Presses + high Pulls

Mandy Drummond

Upper Body Strength Work

A1. Ring Support Hold + Ring Bottom of Dip Hold: 15s +15s x 5 rest

Rest 20s

A2. DB Floor Press: 30s AMRAP x 5 sets

Rest 2 Minutes


8 Minute as Many Rounds as Possible

100’ Bear Crawl

8 Burpee Box Over 24/20'“

8 Double KB Russian Swings 24/16kg

*May transfer over box any way you’d like

Mandy Drummond


25 Minutes as Many Rounds as Possible

200m Run

30 Inverted Rows

300m Run

20 Kipping Pull-ups

400m Run

10 Strict Pull-ups


Core Cash Out

Reverse Tabata Russian Twists

10s on, 20s Rest x 4 Minutes (8 Rounds)

Light Weight! Move quick

Mandy Drummond

Gymnastics Skills Practice:

16 Minutes, Alternating Movements Every Minute On the Minute

Even Minute: 1 Rope Climb

Odd Minute: 50’ Double KB/DB Front Rack Walking Lunge


Every 2 minutes Perform

5 Reverse Burpee (Candlestick To Handstand)

10 UB Heavy Deadlifts

x 5 Rounds

Mandy Drummond

Olympic Weightlifting

Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Clean + Front Squat: 1+1+1+1 x 5 sets

Look to work a little heavier than last week across all five sets


Met Con:

For Time

20 Cal Ski Erg

30 Thrusters 115/85#

40 KB Swings 24/16kg

50 Cal Row

Mandy Drummond