25 Minutes as Many Rounds as Possible

200m Run

30 Inverted Rows

300m Run

20 Kipping Pull-ups

400m Run

10 Strict Pull-ups


Core Cash Out

Reverse Tabata Russian Twists

10s on, 20s Rest x 4 Minutes (8 Rounds)

Light Weight! Move quick

Mandy Drummond

Gymnastics Skills Practice:

16 Minutes, Alternating Movements Every Minute On the Minute

Even Minute: 1 Rope Climb

Odd Minute: 50’ Double KB/DB Front Rack Walking Lunge


Every 2 minutes Perform

5 Reverse Burpee (Candlestick To Handstand)

10 UB Heavy Deadlifts

x 5 Rounds

Mandy Drummond

Olympic Weightlifting

Power Clean + Front Squat + Hang Clean + Front Squat: 1+1+1+1 x 5 sets

Look to work a little heavier than last week across all five sets


Met Con:

For Time

20 Cal Ski Erg

30 Thrusters 115/85#

40 KB Swings 24/16kg

50 Cal Row

Mandy Drummond

Partner Workout

21 Minutes As Mandy Round as Possible

With a partner Accumulate as many

Plate Overhead Walking Lunge Steps 45/35#

* Every Minute on the minute 1 Partner must Complete 7 Plate Ground to Overhead, 1 Partner Must complete 7 Pull-ups. Partners may accomplish the EMOM task at the same time, but only one may work on the OH Walking Lunge Steps at a time. If OH is not possible, Bear Hug Plate

Mandy Drummond

Olympic Weightlifting:

Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat: 1+2 x 5 sets building in weight


Strength Training:

Snatch Deadlift: 3 Reps x 5 sets, Pause at knee

Working with weight above heaviest snatch


Strength Balance:

DB Single Arm Press: 12/side x 3 sets

DB Single Arm High Pull: 12/side x 3 sets

Ext Rotation: 10/side x 3 sets

Use weight from test week as a reference for weight to perform DB Work, if imbalance then perform extra set on weak side. Superset all movements.

Mandy Drummond

Strength Work:

A1. Bench Press: 5 Reps x 5 sets Across

Rest 30s

A2. Dip Support Hold: Max Effort Hold x 5 sets

Rest 2 Minutes


12 Minutes As Many Rounds as Possible…Strict Pull-up… Push-up… Air Squats

First Round is 1 PU, 2 Push Ups, 3 Air Squats, Second round 2 PU, 3 Push Ups, 6 Air Squats and so on until 12 minutes is up.

Mandy Drummond


For Time:



Men: 60-50-40-30-20

Ladies: 45-40-35-30-20

Cal Row


Accessory Work:

Side Plank Powell Raise: 10/side x 3 sets

Mandy Drummond

Gymnastics Strength Work:

A1. Supinated Strict Pull-ups: 5 Reps x 5 sets Across

Rest 60s

A2. V-ups: 15 Reps x 5 sets

Rest 60s


4 Rounds:

3 Min on/ 1:30 Off

7 Toes to Bar

14 Box Jump Overs

Mandy Drummond

Olympic Lifting:

Power Clean + Squat Clean + Front Squat: 1+1+2 x 5 Sets across

Look to work with 70-75% of Max Clean from Monday


For Time


Bar Facing Burpees


Clean and Jerk 185/125

Mandy Drummond
The Week in Review

The Week in Review:

Test Week!

SO I’m not going to do these every week. But I think its fun to look back on the week and give everyone a little insight on what we did that week. Especially when it comes to something like a test week we need to not only have a what, but a why when it comes to testing.

Day 1:

Clean 1rm + 3 Rounds rowing, thrusters, chest to bar pull-ups

  • A 1RM Clean is a great test of overall fitness. Pulling, squatting, stabilizing, moving fast, coordinating upper and lower body is a awesome way to show how strong you are in an athletic movement. It came on day one because I want to see where everyone is at after a rest day.

  • Thrusters, and pull-ups have been a hallmark of crossfit from the start. Fran is a fantastic benchmark. But I wanted to include rowing to give a similar feel but have just a different spin on the workout to increase the time domain a touch.

Day 2:

Strict Pull-ups, DB Single arm High Pulls, Death By Clean and Jerk

  • Strict strength is the important foundation when it comes to gymnastics skills, that along with range of motion will keep your body healthy and capable when it comes to swinging on the pull-up bar. Not only that but it’s an important test when it comes to comparative analysis of all four movements we test throughout the week in our strength balance section

  • The testing for the Single Arm DB high Pull has a similar idea as the strict pull-up. But more emphasis on exposing if there is a difference from one side of the body to another. Some may know right off the bat, but if you were unaware this can help you better tailor your everyday fitness to make sure you stay healthy and plateau free!

  • Barbell Cycling: a skill that is unique to crossfit. Classic Olympic lifts are meant to be done 1 rep at a time with maximum rest for power output. Although when we ask you to do multiple reps at a time paired with other things that don’t give you much of a rest, then you have to take a slightly different approach. This workout really tested our ability to be skillful, strong, coordinated, and mentally tough. Did you just quit when you thought you couldn’t make it. Or did you really give it everything you had and ended with a score you were proud of. At the end of the day that’s all that matters, is being proud of our effort

Day 3:


  • Soooo attendance seemed to be a little lower than usual today, not calling anybody out but longer workouts are a part of life. And Kelly is great blend of capacity, mental focus, and overall fitness. 400m Run is just long enough and just short enough for it to be manageable each round. 30 Reps is a couple more than we normally do for a 5 round workout so counting them in your head can allow for little goals. The same goes for 30, count up to 20, then count down from 10. Push the run or recover on the run? Break the wall balls or go for bigger sets. Big idea is there is a lot more “freedom” in a workout like Kelly that allows you to have to make decisions and stick with them or be confident enough to throw them out and keep grinding.

Day 4:

Strict P-bar Dips, DB Single Arm Press, Toes to Bar and Heavy DL

  • After a long workout you gotta give the people what they want! A little upper body pump! Today was day 2 of our strength Balance testing. SO here is a little insight on why we need accurate numbers for these. Bare with me. Charles Poliquin, a well know strength coach, has worked with thousands of high level athletes and created an idea called strength balance. Which means that a healthy athlete should be have a balance between multiple exercises in order to stay injury free and continue to build capacity. Essentially diving a little deeper than being a Jack of all trades or a master of none i.e. CrossFit. But with his help he has given a little more data to back those numbers. Cool.

    • Strict Pronated Chin over bar pull-ups, Strict Supinated Chest to bar pull-up, strict stable surface dips: Should all be the same, 1-2 rep deviation is acceptable. Although if you scored 5 Pull-ups, and 15 Dips. We know a little more focus could be had on strict pull-up and it would help build a stronger overall shoulder, and keep you from getting injured.

    • DB single arm High Pull, Single Arm Press: 1/3rd of your bodyweight is a tall task. Not Many of us were able to handle that weight for multiple reps, if you were that is great! If not that is very much okay! The closer you can be to rep out that weight the better position we are going to be into achieve our fitness goals. Also we should be able to perform the same number of every exercise across the board. The DB are especially good for pointing out weakness from left to right. If there is a imbalance, there is a gap that could be filled and help a great deal when it comes to double limb movements. Finally High pulls, presses, pull-ups, dips should have the same number when it comes to using 1/3rd of your bodyweight. Woof, I know. A lot of info. If you’re ever interested in this I may write more about it at a later date.

  • Metcon! Don’t know many who hate on Deadlifts, fun exercise that is one of the most functional exercises out there. You don’t go to a nursing home because you can’t run a mile. You go because you can’t pick things up off the ground. Or because you can’t squat up and down without help. These are the most essential things to our fitness. Oh yeah and you wanna get out of breath. Do a bunch of reps at a time! *Steps off stack of plates, The change of pace here is we have a skill movement that is based a little more in muscle fatigue and skill rather than pure grit or capacity. As well as a little interference that may cause you to break down a little more than normal. Meaning gripping in two different movements can exaggerate that asset. Here is where we had our first true test of interference.

Day 5

Split jerk, Back Squat, Single arm Farmers Carry

  • Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, accuracy, agility, balance. You can argue that the split jerk involves everything listed. 8 out of the 10 general physical skills. So a good indication of fitness and a fun movement. How Much weight can you hold overhead!

  • Back Squat. We Tested some strength on monday but it's nice to have a better idea of what your best squat is when we get to doing either strength cycles, or percentages that use our back squat.

  • Finally a single arm farmers carry has a basis in strength balance because of it relation to our deadlift. To be able to walk 50’ with 40%+ of our 1RM Deadlift is a gold standard when it comes to midline stabilization and raw strength. Goals are goals for a reason! And Keeping a stable spine is a skill and essential component of strength that absolutely everyone needs to be confident in

Day 6

Double unders and Burpee box Jump overs

  • I wouldn’t consider this a full proof “test” workout but you couldn’t get out of a week without burpees! What we are looking at here is the skill of the double under, then capacity. Once you’re lucky enough to be confident in the skill building capacity is the next step. 50 reps at a clip will do that. Now 10 reps of a burpee box jump over is nothing to shake a stick at. But with the rest time given by a partner completing a round, we can see if you can maintain a decent turnover, or do you die off. The goal here is not to go 100% then by the last round your moving at 60% of your speed. But opening up at about 75-80% speed and see if you can kick it into high gear closer to the finish. Believe it or not being able to pace a little bit can help you get even fitter in the long haul.

Mandy Drummond